Tanios Wild Zaatar

Tanios Wild Zaatar

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Tanios is the story of a family, of gatherings, of simple souvenirs from a sleepy village in the north of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, there are nine plants commonly called “zaatar” of which only three are oregano. But only the two varieties “Origanum Ehrenbergii” and “Origanum Syriacum” are used to make the famous zaatar mix.

The first variety is endemic to Lebanon, as for the Syriacum species, it extends over a geographical area including Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

Tanios Zaatar mix is a family recipe made using all-natural ingredients: wild zaatar (origanum syriacum), organic sesame seeds, sumac, and salt. The origanum is harvested around June/July and after dried naturally away from direct sunlight. Later, it is ground in a local cooperative in the village of Andket (Akkar/ Lebanon).

Tanios only assemble the ingredients when they start packaging to guarantee the freshest possible mix.

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