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Ultimate Store Cupboard Hamper

The “Ultimate” Hamper is the finest store cupboard offering from General Store. Inside you will find some of our iconic products alongside serious supplies for those that truly know their way around a kitchen.

All of our hampers come packaged in our bespoke kraft boxes and finished with Swiss satin ribbon.


If you would like to include a gift note with your hamper, please send the note to ORDERS@GENERALSTO.RE after placing your order. 

London Borough of Jam. Lillie O’Brien makes some of the best jams and jellies in London. She combines in-season fruit with botanicals, not in a novel way, but with a clarity and a sense for flavour enhancement.  One of General Store’s bestsellers from day one.

Mast Brother’s Chocolate Cocoa that is sustainably sourced and transported, Mast Brother's chocolate is made with absolute attention to detail. Now produced in their East London factory, every bar is packaged in beautiful paper.

Spaghetti Our iconic spaghetti is made in the Swiss Alps, not in Italy, and comes traditionally wrapped in the most beautiful and tactile paper. The taste is even better than the packaging.

San Marzano Tomatoes Grown in the volcanic soils around Naples, these plum tomatoes are of superior quality. Holding a protected D.O.P. status, they are tinned when fully ripe and the flavour is incredible. The perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. In this larger tin, the tomatoes are adorned with a single basil leaf for extra flavour.

Capers These tiny, delicate capers from Lipari, Sicily add flavour and a perfect salinity to classic Italian recipes.

Anchovy Paste Another staple from Sicily. Add as a base note for sauces and stews.

Wholegrain Mustard The quintessential mustard from Meaux, France. Made with the seed left intact for a distinct texture, produced in a classic stoneware jar.

Hazelnuts We import these unique Hazelnuts directly from the producer in Piedmont, Italy. At 700 metres altitude, the small town of Lequio Berria is uniquely suited to the growing of hazelnuts. Widely recognized as the best in the world, these roasted hazelnuts have a wonderful taste and excellent aroma. Ideal for baking or for added crunch in salads.

McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal Iconic Irish oatmeal in an iconic tin. These pinhead oats are chopped rather than rolled so retain their natural texture, distinct nutty flavour and high fiber.

Preserved Lemons Unwaxed baby lemons from Egypt. An essential component to stews or tagines or a bright addition to salads. 

Umbrian Lentils These lentils are so full of flavour. Perfect alongside meat, in soups and stocks, or served on New Year's Day with a hearty cotechino sausage.

Poggio Lamentano Olive Oil Organically farmed, single estate olive oil from groves in Tuscany overlooking the golden Tyrrhenian Sea. Cold pressed and unfiltered, this exceptional oil is vibrant and complex with lots of creamy citrus pith and fresh cut grass notes.

Agrodulce Italian bittersweet condiment. The secret weapon in the knowing cook’s kitchen. Enhances gravies and sauces and makes for the best dressings. Once you use this you'll never use anything else again.

La Fage Cahors 2012 From winemakers Matthieu Cosse and Catherine Masionneuve this Malbec or "Cot" is an elegant wine that translates the qualities of the Cahors terroir. The winemaking at Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve is precise and accurate which in turns creates wines that taste smooth and aerial and really convey a sense of place. The ageing potential is excellent. 

Ortiz Tuna Sustainably fished tuna preserved in delicious olive oil, every one is pole & line caught, resulting in some of the best tasting, environmentally friendly tuna out there.

Porcini Mushrooms The finest Italian dried porcini, they rehydrate for the perfect addition to risottos and pasta and the broth becomes the best base for stocks.

Chocolate Caramel Frogs This pair of dark milk chocolate frogs are filled with soft caramel made from organic Scottish cream and butter, with seasonal honey and Hebridean sea salt. Handmade by Edinburgh-based chocolatier Edward and Irwyn and individually wrapped in gold foil, they are magic.

Ultimate Store Cupboard Hamper