Pyscis Sardines


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Limited edition, gourmet tinned fish responsibly sourced in Spain.

Beauty Sardines are fished using purse-seine nets close to the Galician coast. A smaller sardine known as “sardinillas” in their native Spain, and characterised by the firm bite of their meat and singular taste. These less fatty, smaller sardines are paired with a lighter olive oil in order to highlight their unique flavour.

Taste Sardines are also caught very close to the shores of Galicia in Northern Spain, this time using traditional gill nets. This age-old and labour intensive method is only used by a few specially licensed fishermen and represents the gold standard of sustainability. It ensures that the sardine is significantly less stressed and not squeezed or damaged in the process of being caught, which is reflected in the taste and quality of the meat. These mid-sized sardines are combined with native extra-virgin olive oil made of the Manzanilla variety, known for its intense fruity notes.