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Classic Hamper

Our 'Classic' Hamper is filled with all of General Store’s bestselling staples. Products for the cupboard to make mealtimes more inspiring and staples for the breakfast table that are worth waking up for.

All of our hampers come packaged in our bespoke kraft boxes and finished with Swiss satin ribbon.


If you would like to include a gift note with your hamper, please send the note to ORDERS@GENERALSTO.RE after placing your order. 

Coedcanlas Maple Syrup Sourced by Annette and Nick, who when not harvesting the most delicious honey from their hives in Wales, spend their time forming relationships with other likeminded producers doing things on a small scale but with superb attention to quality. This maple syrup is from a Mennonite family in Canada, where the collected sap is reduced over a wood fire. Exquisite.

London Borough of Jam Lillie O’Brien makes some of the best jams and jellies in London. She combines in-season fruit with botanicals, not in a novel way, but with a clarity and a sense for flavour enhancement. One of General Store’s bestsellers from day one.

Spaghetti Our iconic spaghetti is made in the Swiss Alps, not in Italy and comes traditionally wrapped in the most beautiful and tactile paper. The taste is even better than the packaging.

Koeze Peanut Butter From Virginia, USA. Made with Virginia-grown peanuts and sea salt, nothing else. The best!

London Honeycomb From Steve Benbow’s London hives. This honeycomb is a true luxury, perfect spread on toast or served with cheese.

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread We source this Creme de Nocciola directly from the producer in Piemonte, Italy. It is unrivalled in taste and quality, and quite frankly puts the market leader to shame.

Mast Brother’s Chocolate Cocoa that is sustainably sourced and transported, Mast Brother's chocolate is made with absolute attention to detail. Now produced in their East London factory, every bar is packaged in beautiful paper.

Marcona Almonds The unbeatable salted almond from Spain. Perfect for a snack or a cheese and charcuterie board.

San Marzano Tomatoes Grown in the volcanic soils around Naples, these plum tomatoes are of superior quality. Holding a protected D.O.P. status, they are tinned when fully ripe and the flavour is incredible. The perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

Campbell’s Perfect Tea The Irish breakfast tea of choice. A rich, dark blend for a strong start to the day. Good with or without milk and the iconic tin looks great on the kitchen counter.

McClure’s Pickles Cucumber spears in a sharp, sour brine from the USA. The most classic pickle, great on the side of sandwiches, burgers or just eaten from the jar in front of the fridge.

Pump Street Chocolate Handmade in Orford, Suffolk this chocolate bar has all the balance and character you would expect from one of the best bakeries in the UK. Pump Street import their own beans and take the cacao through the entire chocolate making process for a smooth, delicious bar that is full of flavour.

Bageriet Swedish Biscuits Bageriet is a tiny Swedish bakery in the heart of Covent Garden, London. Their cinnamon buns are worth travelling for and their biscuits make every Swede living abroad a little less homesick.

Classic Hamper