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Kerry Hayward and Olly Goolden have been smallholding farmers for the past two decades, growing and selling organic vegetables and living off their own produce and power. They had a cow, for their own milk – but when it emerged that their younger daughter was allergic to cow’s milk, they invested in a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats and started making cheese. Golden Guernsey goats are a rare breed of goat: less productive than more modern breeds, but much hardier, and good for meat as well as milking. Last year the family decided to go into commercial cheese production, as the vegetables were taking their toll on Olly’s back. They only have 19 goats, so production is very small scale. The cheese is a complete reflection of their devotion to their land and the environment: the goats are extensively farmed, fed almost entirely on forage.


This seasonal cheese can be found on our counters from May through to October.

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