We're Hiring - Full Time Shopkeeper

We're Hiring - Full Time Shopkeeper

We’re excited to offer the position of full time shopkeeper to join us from May. This is a salaried position (5 days a week) with an additional weekly groceries allowance and discount.

This a rare opportunity to become part of the team at General Store and work with some of the best produce and suppliers in the U.K. while serving the local community of South East London.

Our shopkeepers work together to serve over a thousand customers a week, the vast majority of which are regulars. They get to work with exceptional produce, wine and coffee every day and we offer lots of training and supplier visits.

What we’re looking for:

 - A hardworking, positive and committed individual.

 - We hire people with a deep interest and personal culture of food - not just those with experience. This is an opportunity to grow into the role and become a part of our friendly team for the long term.

 - We’re looking for someone who is deeply passionate about the food they eat and where it comes from, enjoys cooking at home as much as getting excited about the exceptional restaurants in London, and has a special appreciation for quality produce.

What does the role involve:

 - Our shopkeepers share the responsibility of the day to day running of General Store and are expected to excel across all areas of the business.

 - From serving customers, sharing knowledge of our products, producing best quality coffee, packing online orders, building displays and replenishing stock, the role requires a varied and wide ranging skill set.

How to apply:

 - Please email your CV along with an introduction specifically addressing the points outlined above (hello@generalsto.re). Tell us about yourself, your food related experiences and relevant skills.

 - Demonstrate your understanding of what we do as a business, our aims and approach to food retail, and tell us why you would be such a great fit for the role.

 - Tell us about your passions and the ways in which you think about the food you eat. What drives your interest and what experiences have shaped your love of food?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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